G w y n e t h   W r i g h t

       Gwyneth encountered Shiatsu through an interest in martial arts and studied shiatsu professionally with the British School of Shiatsu. She has since studied to post graduate level with the Healing-Shiatsu Education Centre and the Mi Zai Shiatsu Centre. She is a qualified member of the Register of the Shiatsu Society UK.

Her earlier Fine Art training finds creative expression by working with the body through movement, energy and form.

Gwyneth has experience working with people with immmune related conditions and with children with disabilities. She teaches Shiatsu in Adult Education and holds regular introductory courses at Morley College, London.

G w y n e t h   W r i g h t

BA(Hons). Dip. BSS. Dip HSEC. MRSS.
Member of the Register of the Shiatsu Society

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