W h a t   i s   h e a l i n g - s h i a t s u

Shiatsu is a tradional Japanese healing art which stems from the same oriental roots as Acupuncture.

In Shiatsu the practitioner uses their hands, elbows,knees and feet to apply pressure to the meridian energy lines in the body.

Stimulation of the acupressure points combined with stretches and rotations of the limbs helps to release blocked energy or areas of tension and strengthen and deeply relax the body.

An imbalance in a persons enrgy may manifest as a backache, headache, depression, or in other ways.

By working with specific meridians and pressure points, balance and health to the whole body can be restored.

Shiatsu encompasses the whole person by addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of a being.

Shiatsu is primarily a preventative medicine which helps to maintain good health, vitality and stamina yet can be effective in helping with a wide range of disorders and chronic conditions.

Shiatsu usually leaves one feeling deeply relaxed, energised and more able to cope with stress.

Hara diagnosis     Meridian diagram

Left: Hara diagnosis which is gentle palpation of the abdomen to assess energy flow of the meridians and organs.

Right: diangram showing a traditional merdian and presure points.