W h a t   t o   e x p e c t

Shiatsu is given through loose fitting clothing on a comfortable futon. Cushions are used to support the body where postural problems, pregnancy or disability require it.

A session lasts from 40 to 60 minutes and begins after an initial consultation. I allow an extra fifteen minutes for the first session.

During a session I generally work on the whole body and I need to be informed if any pain or discomfort is felt. Uncomfortable sensations usually reflect an imbalance in the energy flow which often clear during a sesson. Shiatsu is usually a pleasant and relaxing experience which can help to clear pain or discomfort in the body.

At the end of a session I may suggest simple exercises to do at home as well as dietary advice to as well as dietary advice to support the process of recovery and encourage self reliance.

After a Shiatsu it is beneficial to rest for a couple of hours and avoid strenous or stressful activities. The effect of a Shiatsu can be felt immediately or later on in the day.

Many people choose to come for sessions regularly, perhaps weekly at first in order to stabilise a condition and then les often, maybe fortnightly or monthly for maintenance. Some people come weekly to work with chronic issues or simply to maintain good health.

Gently neck holding can release tension and be deeply relaxing.